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The 3 Most Popular Renovations in Canada

Did you know that more than half of the homes in Canada were built between 1950 & 1999? As the houses get older, renovations have been on the rise. That’s because a few small renovations can add value to your home, make it feel like a brand new space, and make it look like it was constructed long after Y2K.

So what are some of Canada’s most popular renovations? You can find the top 3 below and why Canadians love them!

#3 - Living Rooms

Unsurprisingly, the room where we spend time with family and guests is among one of the most popular to renovate. Whether it’s knocking down a wall for better feng shui, modernizing the style or even an overhaul to better use your space, living room renovations remain one of the most popular. Because having a great space where everyone can come together and relax is vital for most homeowners.

#2 - Bathrooms

#2 on our list, bathrooms! (No pun intended) With a majority of homes being built in Canada between 1950-99 many homeowners find that their bathrooms are in need of a renovation. If your shower, vanity or tiles are outdated it can really hurt the value of your home and make for an unenjoyable experience. With a simple renovation you can upgrade your bathroom to a beautiful modern oasis.

#1 - The Kitchen

If food is the way to the heart, then the kitchen is the way to the soul. Kitchens are the most popular renovation project in Canada and for good reason. 80% of homebuyers list the kitchen as the most important room in the house. A kitchen renovation can do a lot more than just improve your home’s value, it’s also been proven to increase family time spent together. In fact, 49% of people say that after a kitchen renovation, they spend more time together and cook more at home.

There you have it, the three most popular renovations in Canada. If you are looking to renovate your home in the future, click here to get in touch with us. At Hawk Property Development, we're here to help create your dream nest.